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From Director's Pen

The concept of co-educational system has been a significant experiment in the field of education. As a result of this experiment, the educationists believe that for girl 's education, the Institutions meant only for girls arc far better than co-educational Institutions. The reason behind this is that the number Of boys being equal or more in co-educational schools, girls are not able to express their ideas before boys due to hesitation. Except for the classroom teaching, the cultural, physical and sports activities of boys and girls arc normally different. In co-educational schools these activities remain confined only to boys. Also as in co-educational atmosphere the boys are more dominant. Therefore, in co- educational schools girls are not able to do all-round development of their potencies and talents.

In reality, a girl child needs a special kind of atmosphere in which she, independently moving forward, having done all-round development of her talent, skills and potencies, can be an invaluable asset to her parents as well as society. Therefore, a very suitable and sensitive atmosphere must be developed for girls. Keeping this reality in mind,"RISHI SIKSHA SAMITI" has decided to conduct a girls' school named ' "RISHIKUL KANYA VIDYAPEETH" which, along with the speciality ofmodernistic subjects, will also be full of traditional values, and will be established as an institution complete in itself for the all- round development of girls.

By the aim of "aharnish sevamahe" with the best Multiple Skill Development education of girls.

Dr. Jitender Kumar
Chairman / Director
Rishikul Group of Institutions